2014 MasterCraft NXT 20 Wants You

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This just in… MasterCraft’s new 20-foot NXT is designed and constructed in the exact same factory as their premium X series line. This means that they did not have to build a lower end factory to construct a lower priced boat. Quality is still held to the highest standards. MasterCraft is excited to build a “whole new audience” of new boat buyers. Now those who can’t find a good reason to buy a used boat and have “always wanted a MasterCraft but believed it was just out of reach” just sign the dotted line. I mean really, who wants to “settle for a second-class ride”? I got money in the bank, shorty what ya drank.

Malibu Improves SurfGate For 2014

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“Innovation Of The Year” for 2014 has been improved for 2014. The actuator ram that drives the gate has been given more power and speed. The side to side transfer has been reduced from 3 seconds to 1.5. Timing the transfer was the most difficult part until Malibu added a horn on the transom with a series of beeps to keep you notified. Because competitors came out swinging with a more refined product visually, Malibu stepped up with a finished off stainless steel overlay on the gate plate. Surfgates do not work without ballast. Remember that they do not increase the displacement of the hull. They only redirect the flow of water from the opposite side. Buy the biggest Malibu Plug and Play Ballast Bags you can find.

Eight.3 Ballast Bags VS Fly High Pro X Series Ballast Bags

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This is an excellent way to push products to market and Ronix should be grateful for the opportunity to compete with the undisputed champion of the world, Fly High. I do not see this as a battle of brands but more of a battle between two of the water sports industries leading men. In the south corner we have Paul O’Brien and in the North corner, a world barefoot champion, Mike Seipel.

Eight.3, is an entirely new way to fill and drain ballast bags. It is incredibly fast but there is more. Ronix, the men and women behind this new product line are fully engaged in what their riders and customers really needed. These things are build for speed and that is exactly what they will provide. The only downer we have is that the system does allow for a little more water to drip into the boat while filling and draining. This is due to the massive volume that runs into the sac when the 3700 gph pump is connected and disconnected to the bag. Turns out we can live with this. Even if we stopped to clean up a little water we are still a rider ahead of the boat next to us. For that we are great full and joyous.

PTM Edge Mirrors Available At WakeMAKERS

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Bend, OR – WakeMAKERS.com is excited to offer PTM Edge high performance marine mirrors, the best optics available on the market. PTM Edge engineers and manufactures precise high-end boat products in the USA to ensure every product exceeds the end user’s expectations. This unmatched combination of quality and captivating design allow PTM to offer the highest quality products in the industry.

Moomba Flow Surf System Has Arrvied

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Well that was simple. Looks like @Moombaboats just fixed the glitch. I wonder if anyone will buy a Supra or Malibu this season with the introduction of the Axis T22 with Surfgate and the Moomba Mondo with Flow. Serious tools for serious wake surfers will be awesome in 2014.

Supra Swell Surf System Announced For SA and SC Models

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Just in time for the holidays and Active Water Sports annual Evening With the Stars Event comes the Supra Swell Wakesurfing enhancement device. Word on the street is that Mr. Shane Stillman will be driving a 2014 Supra SA with the Swell System installed. If you are lucky enough to be in the Portland Oregon area tomorrow, November 22nd., stop by and check it out. Don’t forget to mention to Greg Waters that you heard about the event on WakeOrigin.com. When you do we will get a kick back of two Redbulls and you will get nothing. Do it for the kids and our thirst for energy drinks.

Super Air Nautique G21 Announced Today

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Nautique is thrilled to launch the Super Air Nautique G21 featuring the same groundbreaking G-Series hull design that has taken the wake world by storm. After dominating the market, awards, tournaments, market surveys, and every other way the past year with the Super Air Nautique G23 and G25, customers all over the world have been asking Nautique to build a 21 foot version of the now coveted G-Series boats. Based on those requests, Nautique is thrilled to introduce the new G21.

Axis T22 Wakeboard Boat Promo Video

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Axis Wake Research has released their latest model at the 2013 Malibu Boat Dealer Meeting in Texas this past week. They then provided this press release and video to us. We didn’t learn much. More specs to come as they are released from Malibu HQ.

Malibu Says, NO MORE Nautique Surf System With A Lawsuit

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Because the water sports industry loves drama, here you go. I can’t blame Malibu for protecting their interests and intellectual property. After what Correct Craft pulled with the Wakeboard tower in the early 2000′s I for one am not sad to see Nautique get a taste of their own medicine. I experienced the royalty payment on every single “wakeboard tower” I sold going to Correct Craft HQ.

WakePROPS.com Meets It’s MAKER

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Bend, OR – Nov. 1, 2013 – WakeMAKERS is excited to announce the combination of their two industry leading websites, WakePROPS.com and WakeMAKERS.com (www.wakemakers.com/props). The combined shopping experience will offer watersports enthusiasts convenient access to the largest selection of wakeboard and wakesurfing ballast systems, boat propellers, marine audio products, and wakesurfing gear.

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