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2014 MasterCraft NXT 20 Wants You

Posted on February 19th, 2014 by | posted in Boat Show, Boats

This just in… MasterCraft’s new 20-foot NXT is designed and constructed in the exact same factory as their premium X series line. This means that they did not have to build a lower end factory to construct a lower priced boat. Quality is still held to the highest standards. MasterCraft is excited to build a “whole new audience” of new boat buyers. Now those who can’t find a good reason to buy a used boat and have “always wanted a MasterCraft but believed it was just out of reach” just sign the dotted line. I mean really, who wants to “settle for a second-class ride”? I got money in the bank, shorty what ya drank.

Malibu Improves SurfGate For 2014

Posted on February 5th, 2014 by | posted in Boats, Industry Press Releases

“Innovation Of The Year” for 2014 has been improved for 2014. The actuator ram that drives the gate has been given more power and speed. The side to side transfer has been reduced from 3 seconds to 1.5. Timing the transfer was the most difficult part until Malibu added a horn on the transom with a series of beeps to keep you notified. Because competitors came out swinging with a more refined product visually, Malibu stepped up with a finished off stainless steel overlay on the gate plate. Surfgates do not work without ballast. Remember that they do not increase the displacement of the hull. They only redirect the flow of water from the opposite side. Buy the biggest Malibu Plug and Play Ballast Bags you can find.

PTM Edge Mirrors Available At WakeMAKERS

Posted on January 7th, 2014 by | posted in Boats, Industry Press Releases

Bend, OR – WakeMAKERS.com is excited to offer PTM Edge high performance marine mirrors, the best optics available on the market. PTM Edge engineers and manufactures precise high-end boat products in the USA to ensure every product exceeds the end user’s expectations. This unmatched combination of quality and captivating design allow PTM to offer the highest quality products in the industry.

Moomba Flow Surf System Has Arrvied

Posted on December 20th, 2013 by | posted in Boats, Wakesurfing

Well that was simple. Looks like @Moombaboats just fixed the glitch. I wonder if anyone will buy a Supra or Malibu this season with the introduction of the Axis T22 with Surfgate and the Moomba Mondo with Flow. Serious tools for serious wake surfers will be awesome in 2014.

Supra Swell Surf System Announced For SA and SC Models

Posted on November 21st, 2013 by | posted in Boats

Just in time for the holidays and Active Water Sports annual Evening With the Stars Event comes the Supra Swell Wakesurfing enhancement device. Word on the street is that Mr. Shane Stillman will be driving a 2014 Supra SA with the Swell System installed. If you are lucky enough to be in the Portland Oregon area tomorrow, November 22nd., stop by and check it out. Don’t forget to mention to Greg Waters that you heard about the event on WakeOrigin.com. When you do we will get a kick back of two Redbulls and you will get nothing. Do it for the kids and our thirst for energy drinks.

Malibu Boats Awarded Patent For SurfGate

Posted on September 23rd, 2013 by | posted in Boats

LOUDON, Tenn. – Malibu Boats, the global leader in watersports towboats and the inventor of on-the-fly surf wake switching technology, announced today that it has been awarded a patent for its surfing innovations from the United States Patent Office. This is the first patent in a series of patent applications on surfing and SURF GATE®.

Nautique G23 NSS – Switching of the Wave Side to Side Video

Posted on April 2nd, 2013 by | posted in Boats


The new 2013 Nautique Surf System is unique to the wakesurf industry. With the touch of a button the NSS allows effortless switching of the wave from port to starboard or vise versa. Unlike Malibu’s Surfgate the driver also has the ability to customize the shape of the wave depending on the riders preferences. Producing a skim style versus surf style has never been this easy. Wakesurfing behind a Correct Craft Super Air Nautique is a whole new experience with the NSS.

Shop Nautique Ballast Upgrades

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New Tige Convex VX Hull Designed For WakeSurfing

Posted on December 17th, 2012 by | posted in Boats, General

Tige Boats has announced their biggest breakthrough in the world of wakesurfing since the Surf Ballast option became available. Create a pro caliber surf wave using the new Tige Convex VX wave shaping device in conjunction with Tige’s Ballast System. The wakeboard wake will not be affected since the device is not actively changing the wake when the boat is on plane. Truly the best of both worlds.

Similar to Malibu’s Surf Gate this will not displace the boat deeper in the water like ballast. Instead the Convex VX will extend the hull surface creating a smooth path for the water to come off of allowing the wave to form cleaner and longer behind the boat. READ MORE…

WakeMAKERS.com Launches Wakeboard Ballast Specific Site

Posted on March 14th, 2009 by | posted in Boats, Gear, General, Industry Press Releases

WakeMAKERS Wakeboard Ballast Shop

Wakeboard Ballast is a key part of most riders time on the water, which is why it makes sense that WakeMAKERS.com has launched a wakeboard ballast site dedicated to providing all of the products wakeboarders need to build the perfect wake for riding or surfing.

They carry fat sacs, pumps, fittings and complete ballast systems from Fly High, and have knowledgeable and friendly wakeboarders available to answer any of your wakeboard boat ballast questions. They also have a pretty impressive try before you buy program that allows you to demo ballast on your boat to ensure it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Check out WakeMAKERS.com for wakeboard ballast bags, wakeboard ballast pump and all of your wakeboard ballast needs.

Kevin Henshaw Sheds Some Light On Why He Likes Malibu Boats

Posted on January 30th, 2009 by | posted in Boats, General, Riders

Liquid Force team rider and sponsored Malibu athlete Kevin Henshaw sat down with the camera recently for a little one-on-one time in his Wakesetter VLX. He talks about the fact that he’s been riding Malibu for years (he doesn’t remember exactly how long), and highlights a few of the key features he likes about his Malibu. There’s also some decent shots of Henshaw riding, although that’s definitely not the key focus on the video.

Apparently Malibu has produced more videos showcasing their team members on the water and in the boats, so we’ll try to dig up the others for you to enjoy.

In the meantime, hit the jump to watch the video.