Land Locked With A Tige’ – Chase Hazen WakeSurf Video

Posted on August 29th, 2013 by | posted in Riders, Wakesurfing

Check out what Liquid Force’s Chase Hazen has submitted for his Tige MyWake video. Turns out this kid can surf.

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Michael Dowdy Dropping 1080′s All Weekend (Video)

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Dirty Mike Dowdy spins well. This kid is blowing my mind. I can’t even remember what I thought was going to be possible behind a Nautique G23. People.. he is doing this wake to wake. I am still trying to figure out if this is the power of the D or the power of a G. Maybe a combination.

Harley Clifford Rocking the all new Oakley TwoFace Shades

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Yeah yeah yeah. If I was the king of wake like Harley, I would rock the Oakley TwoFace glasses like a boss. Turns out the lad from down under made a recent visit to Oakley’s corporate HQ and snagged a pair of the newest light weight shades. I can’t blame him. Check out the life he lives. Nothing but sunny days, skateboards, and water sports at his Florida residence.

With the release of the latest generation MasterCraft X-Star and the new Liquid Force Harley Pro Model Wakeboard shit is about to go down for 2013. Check back for more updates as they are released and keep an eye on Oakley’s YouTube channel as Jack Blodgett is always in the mix creating the edits that get us stoked for summer.

Chase Hazen keeping warm down in the AZ

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Feeling cold lately? We are in the thick of winter, here is a video of Chase Hazen that will warm you up. Chase is getting down and dirty in Arizona after the World Wakesurfing Championships. The entire Liquid force wake surfs line will be available here at wakeORIGIN this summer. Stay warm my friends!

Oakley Wake | Day in the life

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Follow the Oakley wakeboard team in a day in the life. Enjoy!

Hyperlite Welcomes | Nick Kamper

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“Nick is a great addition to our team. As an athlete and coach, Nick inspires with both his level of riding and with his ability to teach others. Our partnership at OWC has allowed us to get to know Nick and we’re excited to have him on our team.” –Greg Nelson, Hyperlite Wakeboards

Hyperlite is the longest-standing brand in the wakeboarding industry. Based in Snoqualmie, WA, Hyperlite has been a pioneer in the wake industry for over 20 years. The company produces revolutionary wake products that are the result of thousands of hours of research and development from an innovative team of shapers, riders and manufacturers.

Steel Lafferty: All in (MasterCraft)

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How does Steel Lafferty go so big and hit that double up perfect every time? This is just another day for the Florida wonder boy. It is nice when you can get an insight of a pro wakeboarders passion for the sport and their desire to push riding to the next level.

Sponsors: RedBull, Nike Action Sports, Mastercraft Boats, Liquid Force Wakeboards, StraightLine Ballast, Electric Visual, Kicker Audio, Performance Ski and Surf.

The Ultimate Wakesurf Wake

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Wakesurfing 60 foot Boat from chad Sharpe on Vimeo.

What do you get when you combine 60 feet of diesel powered yacht, 1 wave runner and 2 wakesurf boards? You get the ultimate wakesurf experience! Posted by Chad Sharpe, this video details Sharpe and some of his Ronix buddies slashing it up behind the perfect wakesurfing machine.

Prepare to be jealous of a should high wake that can be surfed both sides simultaneously. And of course you can’t stop and start a boat that big, so that’s why you have a wave runner on tow-in duty to make sure the ride lasts forever.

Check it out after the break, just realize that you’ll be disappointed the next time you go out in your v-drive with 2,000lbs. of ballast.

Zane Schwenk Honored As A Legend Of Wakeboarding

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Zane Schwenk CWB Mastercraft Pro Wakeboarder
Sure, his hair may have a little too much product in it for his age, maybe he did wear gloves a few years too long, and of course there’s no getting past the picture above, but you have to admit Zane Schwenk is legend in the sport of wakeboarding, and an all-around great guy.

The powers that be tend to agree, which is why they honored him with as a Legend of Wake at the 2008 Wake Awards last fall. The equivalent of a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammy’s, the Legend of Wake recognition highlights important people in the industry that have committed their career towards representing wakeboarding. Zane is exactly the kind of ambassador wakeboarding needs, and is a great public face for our sport.

Check out the video after the jump.

Kevin Henshaw Sheds Some Light On Why He Likes Malibu Boats

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Liquid Force team rider and sponsored Malibu athlete Kevin Henshaw sat down with the camera recently for a little one-on-one time in his Wakesetter VLX. He talks about the fact that he’s been riding Malibu for years (he doesn’t remember exactly how long), and highlights a few of the key features he likes about his Malibu. There’s also some decent shots of Henshaw riding, although that’s definitely not the key focus on the video.

Apparently Malibu has produced more videos showcasing their team members on the water and in the boats, so we’ll try to dig up the others for you to enjoy.

In the meantime, hit the jump to watch the video.