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Here’s an entertaining video we found on YouTube that serves as a great reminder of how boring things would be if we didn’t have wakeboarding. You have to admit, the guy has some skills to be able to throw down on a piece of a wood and a folding chair, but it’s still lacking some of the appeal of putting your feet in the bindings and going for a ride.

It’s starting to warm up throughout the country, so hopefully people are getting out on the water. Have you started riding yet this year?

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  1. Thibault Says:

    Nice :D !

  2. the man on the chair Says:

    Let’s see how many of you young folks are still wakeboarding when you are 65+ like I am in this video. I just tured 67 and I will be back on the water this summer with a new chair (outlasted the last one) bet you can’t say that about wakeboarding…..

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