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Maeghan Major Drives a FerrariMaeghan Major Drives a PorscheWho would have guessed that Maeghan Major would be such a car enthusiast? The 23 year old known for her gold medal performance at the X Games shows off a completely different side in a recent interview for Celebrity Car Magazine and the duPont Registry.

Never mind the fact that she rides better on the water than most guys, she also has a stable that includes a Ferrari Testarosa and a Slant Nose Porsche 911, two very rare sports cars that most people won’t even see in their lifetime, let alone drive. It’s clear from the interview that she knows how to use them too.

In recent years Maeghan has shifted her focus from riding to other pursuits, including academics. If law school doesn’t work out (Maeghan studied political science after moving to Charlotte, North Carolina to open Trinity Wakeboard Shop) maybe a career as a professional driver is in the cards.

It’s clear she has a higher appreciation for not only beautiful automobiles, but also very quick ones. When asked about owning one of the most iconic cars ever to come from the prancing stallion marque, this is what she had to say:

I love the Ferrari. Itís so timeless. I look at the Ferrari and see a work of art. I think itís so beautiful. Itís such an amazing car and it has such an amazing history. Growing up, when I thought of a Ferrari, that was the car I thought of. Itís a bit of a dream car.

We haven’t heard much from Maeghan lately on the water, so it’s great to see that she’s doing well, and has found other hobbies and interests to occupy her time.

Read the full interview with Maeghan Major from Celebrity Car

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