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Malibu Improves SurfGate For 2014

Posted on February 5th, 2014 by | posted in Boats, Industry Press Releases

“Innovation Of The Year” for 2014 has been improved for 2014. The actuator ram that drives the gate has been given more power and speed. The side to side transfer has been reduced from 3 seconds to 1.5. Timing the transfer was the most difficult part until Malibu added a horn on the transom with a series of beeps to keep you notified. Because competitors came out swinging with a more refined product visually, Malibu stepped up with a finished off stainless steel overlay on the gate plate. Surfgates do not work without ballast. Remember that they do not increase the displacement of the hull. They only redirect the flow of water from the opposite side. Buy the biggest Malibu Plug and Play Ballast Bags you can find.

Malibu Says, NO MORE Nautique Surf System With A Lawsuit

Posted on November 7th, 2013 by | posted in General

Because the water sports industry loves drama, here you go. I can’t blame Malibu for protecting their interests and intellectual property. After what Correct Craft pulled with the Wakeboard tower in the early 2000′s I for one am not sad to see Nautique get a taste of their own medicine. I experienced the royalty payment on every single “wakeboard tower” I sold going to Correct Craft HQ.

Malibu Boats Awarded Patent For SurfGate

Posted on September 23rd, 2013 by | posted in Boats

LOUDON, Tenn. – Malibu Boats, the global leader in watersports towboats and the inventor of on-the-fly surf wake switching technology, announced today that it has been awarded a patent for its surfing innovations from the United States Patent Office. This is the first patent in a series of patent applications on surfing and SURF GATE®.

Kevin Henshaw Sheds Some Light On Why He Likes Malibu Boats

Posted on January 30th, 2009 by | posted in Boats, General, Riders

Liquid Force team rider and sponsored Malibu athlete Kevin Henshaw sat down with the camera recently for a little one-on-one time in his Wakesetter VLX. He talks about the fact that he’s been riding Malibu for years (he doesn’t remember exactly how long), and highlights a few of the key features he likes about his Malibu. There’s also some decent shots of Henshaw riding, although that’s definitely not the key focus on the video.

Apparently Malibu has produced more videos showcasing their team members on the water and in the boats, so we’ll try to dig up the others for you to enjoy.

In the meantime, hit the jump to watch the video.

Boat Show Incentive Wrap Up: Save A Ton On Your New Boat

Posted on January 22nd, 2009 by | posted in General

With boat show season upon us, and boat sales down significantly this year due to the economy, perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that most manufacturers are helping dealers move boats by offering some pretty impressive incentives for boat show shoppers. From Malibu and Mastercraft on down to Supra, almost all of the major players are offering free options, cash back, or a combination of the two.

Compared to years past, where demand outpaced supply, this is definitely a different landscape for those purchasing boats, and for those that have the means, there has never been a better time to buy a new boat.

Read on for a full summary of what’s on the table if you buy a new boat during a 2009 boat show.

Axis Wake Finally Releases A Website

Posted on January 13th, 2009 by | posted in Boats, General

Axis Wake, the price-conscious manufacture from the brains behind Malibu Boats, finally has a website up, and although it does offer a little more information about the new brand and their first model, mostly it just confirms what we already knew; Malibu really doesn’t now how to make attractive website.

While we’re thankful to get some additional information about the Axis A22, it would be nice if there weren’t numerous errors, incomplete information and a lack of style scattered throughout the site.

Still, apparently something is better than nothing, and here’s to hoping this is only the starting point for Axis’ web experience.

2009 Malibu Boats Website About to Be Unveiled?

Posted on September 2nd, 2008 by | posted in Boats, General

2009 Malibu Boats Website Coming Soon

Imagine our surprise when we tried to check out the Malibu Boats website this morning and were greeted with the error page shown above. Sure, it could just be a configuration problem with Malibu’s server, but our bet is that they’re in the process of rolling out their new website for 2009.

The ’09 version of their web marketing tool has been delayed some what, with 2009 model year boats already being delivered to customers. We’ve heard that the new website will be a complete overhaul, not only in terms of looks, but also in the “engine” that drives the website. A fix for the buggy iSpec boat configuration tool is part of the reason for the big change that has led to a delay in the launch.

Stay tuned for Malibu’s new 2009 website, coming soon.

Northwest Wakeboard Invitational Official Recap and Photos

Posted on August 5th, 2008 by | posted in General, Media

Thomas Olson landed a toeside 900 in the finals to WIN his first BAKES NWI title against defending 2 time Champion Bret V. Everyone who showed up to watch the NWI witnessed a passing of the torch between these long time friends from Gig Harbor. Many folks know that Bret V has been a mentor and significant influence in Thomas Olson’s wake career to this point. The 4th Annual BAKES NWI had the teacher give way to the protege’ in the closest finals decision the event has ever seen…

The official recap and links to event photo galleries are posted after the jump

Media Courtesy of [ WakeboardNorthwest.com ]

Malibu Athletes Steal The Show At The 2008 Malibu Open

Posted on July 22nd, 2008 by | posted in General

Malibu sponsored athletes put on an impressive showing at the 2008 Malibu Open in Pontiac, MI last week. In a total of five events, Malibu skiers and wakeboarders amassed four first place finishes, leaving little room for anyone else to share the glory.

Malibu team riders Philip Soven and Dallas Friday proved too much to handle on the wakeboard side of things. While Soven’s win was impressive, given the season he’s had, it didn’t come as much of a surprise. Right now there’s no one else in the world that can compete with him when it comes to the shear number of tricks he throws, and the technical nature of his riding.

Friday’s win is even more spectacular, given that she is still on the comeback from what could have been a career ending injury. The fact that she has been able to return to the caliber of riding we’ve known her for so quickly makes it clear that she’s still the best female wakeboarder in the world.

It was another successful year for the Malibu Open, and with this year’s event wrapped up, all attention is turned to next year’s contest. We’ll let you know as soon as Malibu announces the location.

First Official Pictures of the 2009 Malibu Wakesetter VLX

Posted on July 18th, 2008 by | posted in General

Click Image to View Gallery

At the beginning of June we brought you the first unofficial pictures of 2009 Malibu Wakesetter VLX. Now Malibu has released a few shots of the completely new model on the water, and we have to say, it’s a hansom looking update.

Based on the brief preview we posted early, the 2009 Wakesetter VLX looks pretty much like we thought it would. This latest round of pictures of the boat in it’s natural setting do a much better job of showcasing the lines of the new boat.

Check out our summary of the major changes after the break.

Gallery: Official 2009 Malibu Wakesetter VLX Pictures
Official 2009 Malibu Wakesetter VLX Pictures Image GalleryOfficial 2009 Malibu Wakesetter VLX Pictures Image GalleryOfficial 2009 Malibu Wakesetter VLX Pictures Image Gallery